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In Life's Too Short GB, you take on the role of a celestial problem-solver as you're tasked with repairing a rift between two vampires who have dramatically fallen out and confined themselves to their respective coffins...

You'll need to explore the mansion, meet various spooky characters and solve simple puzzles in order to put the mansion back together and mend the rift in the vampires' relationship!

Life's Too Short was originally released on the Playdate and has now come to Gameboy  with more features and massively improved artwork!

Limited physical edition available for pre-order: https://yastuna-games.com/en/home/76-life-s-too-short-gb.html

Here's what some folks had to say about the original:

- "Life’s Too Short was really really good. It’s reminds me of Maniac Mansion." Seacreak

- "Short but charming. Worth a look." Callmesteam

- "Absolutely loved it. Great puzzles and comedy." SideScrollFrank

- "Played and completed it this evening, great game! My favourite non-season title to date." vimto_boy

- "This game was a lot of fun! It really reminds me of one of my favorite games, Hugo's House of Horrors." hmhrex


- Developed by Ollie Coe

- Sound Effects by Coffee 'Valen' Bat

- Music by TipTopTomCat

- Made with GB Studio from Chris Maltby

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPixel Ghost
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsGame Boy, Game Boy ROM, Halloween, Homebrew, Horror, Playdate, Point & Click, Spooky


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

LTSGBV1.1 256 kB
LTSGB Pocket V1.1 256 kB


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I bought this thinking I get the GB rom?

hey! This should be the rom? You might need to change the file to add a .gb at the end of the name?

Deleted 187 days ago
Deleted 187 days ago

Hey! That’s very strange did you check the second page of the inventory?

Deleted 187 days ago
(2 edits)

Just finished the game but I had to reset and begin a new save file as I found a game breaking glitch. The gem in the room past the kitchen is indeed glitched. If you pick it up and go away there's no problem. On the other hand if you move the cursor and click again on the original spot of the gem, you can pick it up an infinite number of times. Once it is done, you can't know how many gems are in your inventory, nor can you use them on the armor. Moreover, each time you re-enter the room past the kitchen, the gem gets back on the shelf. You are forced to begin a new game otherwise you find yourself in a softlocked position. Cool little game otherwise. I bought it physically but played it on a flashcard. The glitch is surely present on the cartridge version too.

Hey! Thanks for highlighting this. I thought this was a bug I’d captured so will look into why it’s still there (it’s the first I’ve heard of it for a while!). Shame I can’t update the cartridges 😢 But hope it wasn’t too much of an issue!

This is awesome! Bought and can't wait to load it up!

Played the original and this is great! Any chance you could add a `.pocket` file for more direct Analogue Pocket use? I think its an export option in GB Studio.

Oooo yes, good call! Let's give that a go. One sec!

It's there now! Can you please let me know that it works as I don't have a Pocket (yet....) :)

Thanks so much, works great! I really want my partner to try it out and I think the form factor of the pocket might make it slightly easier.

Popped it right into my Analogue Pocket and BAM! It worked! First non-cartridge game I try on the console, and it works like a charm! Going to give it another playthrough :D Where great on the PlayDate after all! Keep it up!

Thanks! I just uploaded a dedicated Pocket version which might work even better! You should be able to download it now. Let me know if it works as I don't have a Pocket yet :

Too bad about not having a Analogue Pocket :( Hope game sales will help you toward one! 

Can confirm the pocket-version worked like a charm!