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In Life's Too Short: A Christmas Spirit, you once again take on the role of a celestial problem-solver called back to the vampire's mansion. This time it's the count and countess themselves making the call...A rash decision has been made and it's your job to save Christmas!

You'll need to explore the mansion, meet various spooky characters and solve simple puzzles in order to ensure baby Vlad's first Christmas isn't ruined.

Please note: The game does not have a save function (Because I can't figure it out yet...) but I'm hoping that as you progress and learn the puzzle solutions that if you need to come back you can quickly whip back through...

Also, please be gentle with any bugs that might arise! I'll be adding updates as and when these come up.


- “Fun, funny, and heartwarming! Wonderful little christmas game & story.” - Ron Lent

- “Excellent holiday sequel to an excellent pulp game!” @FatNoseGaming

- “Such fun tiny experiences.” - @PizzaFuelDev


- SquidGodDev for teaching me most of what I know about Pulp (www.youtube.com/c/SquidGodDev)

- Abbie for coming up with the name, co-writing and generally having great ideas

- Everyone who helped test the game and give feedback

- The Playdate Discord community for being awesome

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPixel Ghost
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsChristmas, Ghosts, handheld, Horror, Playdate, Point & Click, Spooky


Get this game and 2 more for $5.00 USD
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Please continue developing more unique adventure games. I don't want to get an old game remake.

I simply adore your games. 

Raise above and develop more great games like the Life's too short series.

Hey! Thanks very much :)

There are of course other original games in the works happening behind the scenes :) Excited to share more later in the year!

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Hi there! I finally got my playdate and have been playing through everything in the bundle, everything has been fun! It’s really cool to see your evolution in development over each game!

I feel like I’m sorta stuck in this game with the elves though. I’m winning 5 in a row but nothing is happening. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong? Hope to hear from you. Cheers!

Hey! Thanks for the message, glad you’re enjoying the games :-)

Once you’ve won a few times you just need to interact with the elves either side of the middle one to get your prizes!


I'm loving this game and first.

Sometimes, there is a little bug that don't permit to open the cupboard that is going to skulls.

Hello! Thanks for highlighting. Let me look into this…

Hello Pixel !

I'm sorry but i'm stuck again.

This is my inventory

I have talk to everyone, even the new rabbit ;-) but the door of the party still closed. (The door had already opened in an old run) Skull and Grounch are already goes in but I'm unable to reach them for the battle.

Good job !

have a you spoken to the butler to get him to DJ the riddle battle?

damned ! It was simple. Sorry, thank you.

No worries! It’s still quite a strange solution 😅 Enjoy the show!

Loved this game as well as the original. I ran into a bug where I put the tree in the pot from behind and my character got stuck in the tree, I couldn’t move and had to start the game over. But overall great game, looking forward to more from this creator!

Thank you! That's very kind and very helpful. I've made an bug fix :

Awesome game - so funny and a blast to play !

Very kind, thanks very much!

Fun, funny, and heartwarming! Wonderful little christmas game & story. Baby Vlad will not be sad this December 25th!

Thanks so much Ron, truly praise from Caesar!

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Finally, another game for the PlayDate that isn’t boring