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A mysterious message in a bottle calls a little ghost to reunite a pirate captain with his 4 wayward wives... 

Explore a tropical island as the series’ spectral problem solver in this little point-and-click-lite adventure for the Playdate as you meet quirky characters, solve puzzles, play mini-games and ultimately leave things in a better place than you found them! 

The game is dedicated and thanks to those pioneers trying to make the world a better place even when it feels impossible.

Life's 2 Short: Unhooked comes exclusively to Playdate later in 2023.


- Ollie Coe made the game

- Abbie Vernum drew the portraits

- Ben Perry (Beanpear) made the music and sound (Instagram: @playfellow__)

- The Playdate Discord community are amazing

- Special thanks to all those who helped test the game

Dedications go out to:

- Sian and team at Gili Eco Trust (https://giliecotrust.com/)

- Madi and team at Lost Souls of Mexico (https://www.facebook.com/LostSoulsOfMexico/)

- Tori and team at Horses of Gili (https://linktr.ee/horsesofgili)

- Grace and team at Blossom Peak Ranch (https://www.facebook.com/blossompeakranch)

- Shamser and team at New Marigold School (https://264.education/projects/new-marigold-school)

- And all the other cool, kind and inspiring people we met along the way


Get this game and 3 more for $9.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hi! I believe I have finished every quest and spoken to our pal in the ocean but nobody will let me trigger the ending. I got the help regarding the rocks and finished the quest, but I’m just told the ocean and beach aren’t clean yet. Any ideas? Thanks! 

Tori in the gym was the missing piece! 

+ awesome game, loved the first, love this one too!

Ah amazing! Sorry for my late reply, I only just saw this. Glad you enjoyed the game and that you managed to finish it! Thanks for the kind message :-)

I'm completely stuck. Here's my inventory, I also have the shovel. I can't find a use for any of these items, no one will accept the gym fliers, the fishing rod doesn't seem like it goes anywhere, no one wants coffee. I know I'm supposed to find help with the biorocks, help the cat escape, find help for the shopkeeper, it's just that I've talked to everyone about everything and shown almost every item and can't make any progress. Any tips?

Oh no! Let’s see if I can help. To start there is a guide here which might spark an idea: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlaydateConsole/s/BeW7DVrEz

You may want to make sure you’ve spoken to the woman across from the pub about cats, cat cafes and coffee which will kick off collecting the cats. That should lead you in the right direction (especially after you’ve collected the cat in the log…There’s music across the way…)

A lot of the fliers can’t be given unless you help the pirate with their tasks. 

The fishing rod is used in a very specific place. 

Let me know if you need any other tips. I’m here to help!

how do i pick anything up? im going mental. my little ghost just says oh look a bottle but i cant pick it up lol

You need to speak to the lady on the south beach about beach cleans

I bought it on the playdate catalog and its not saving correctly. i have ver 1.1 but it still not right. hopefully it gets worked out soon because i loved all the previous games and cant wait to get hooked on this one.

Hey! V1.2 should be the save fix. It’s been submitted to Panic so hopefully they roll it out soon 🤞. Glad you like the other games and hopefully you enjoy Unhooked when you can get going!

i bought it this time on catalog. but thank you a great game like the previous. 🦜


loved the first! Excited for the sequel!

Easiest pre-order decision ever 


That’s very cool! Looking forward to showing more soon!

(1 edit) (+1)

"Life's Too Short" was my first side-loaded PlayDate game, so I'm excited for more! 


Excellent! I’m excited to show more soon :-)